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Slim Down in 8 Weeks
Week 1

Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFP
Sr. Vice President, Medical Affairs & Education Member of Herbalife's Medical Advisory Board

Thermojetics Success Program
Eight Weeks to a New You!

Getting Started:
Welcome to our eight-week seminar designed to assist you on your way to successful achievement of your goals. Most of you are here because you want to lose weight. We are proud of Herbalife's long history of promoting weight control based on principles of nutrition. There are literally hundreds of "diets" you hear and read about. Bookstores are full of the latest celebrities "claim-to-fame" books promoting their particular weight-loss methods.

Since 1980, Herbalife has helped millions achieve their weight-loss goals, while simultaneously providing balanced, complete nutritional supplementation.

Not only do people get great weight-loss results with Herbalife, but they get lasting results. Herbalife isn't a "quick fix" but rather a lifestyle choice. Are you ready to learn about our "tried-and-true" system?

We'll outline our two Thermojetics® Weight-Management Programs. We recognize that all people are not alike, therefore weight-control methods must be tailored to meet these needs. We have a system of products that begins with healthy soy protein shakes, allows you to eat from a wide variety of foods to lose weight steadily while feeling great! This is our Thermojetics® Green Weight-Management Program.
Or, choose our Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein, Low-Carb Program, our low-carbohydrate approach that brings you a variety of high-protein, low-carb food products allowing you to lose weight easily while eating all day long. We'll detail these two approaches to healthy weight loss.

Both of our programs are based upon the revolutionary concept of Cellular Nutrition®, Herbalife's scientifically formulated vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

Research has confirmed there are many benefits of supplementation. Achieving optimum nutritional intake while decreasing calories is an essential aspect of weight-loss success. Our Thermojetics® Green Weight-Management Program utilizes the meal replacement concept-replacing two of your three daily meals with a low-calorie, but nutrition-packed soy protein shake (called Thermojetics® Formula 1).

The health benefits of soy include a potential decreased risk of cardiovascular disease with incorporation of 25 grams of soy to your daily diet. This is extremely important, as heart disease is the number one cause of death in every developed country around the world.

It's easy to get the benefits of soy with Thermojetics® Formula 1. Simply mix Thermojetics® Formula 1 in your favorite beverage for breakfast and lunch. Take Thermojetics® Formulas 2 and 3 (Multivitamin-Mineral and Herbal tablets and Cell Activator®) with your two shakes and a healthy dinner, and you will feel great while losing weight the very first week.

Most people begin with our QuickStart Program, which includes Thermojetics® Formulas 1, 2 and 3, along with Thermojetics® Green and Beige tablets. We have two choices-Thermojetics® Green and Thermojetics® Original Green. Thermojetics® Original Green contains Chinese Ma Huang and other herbs, which will provide added energy boosting and appetite-controlling benefits to make it that much easier to avoid snacking and control portion size at dinner. If you are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, you might want to choose Thermojetics® Green, which is a milder version with more of the appetite-controlling herbs and essentially no stimulant effect. You can also add our Thermojetics® Herbal Concentrate, a refreshing green tea drink to provide you with a natural lift, while you adjust to changing your eating habits.

Our Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein, Low-Carb Program is founded on the principles of greatly reducing your carbohydrate intake, while providing a healthy amount of protein and beneficial fats.

This allows you to eat more frequently. You'll feel full while losing weight with ease! Again, we utilize Cellular Nutrition®-Thermojetics® Formulas 2 and 3, combined in the Thermojetics® Gold High-Protein, Low-Carb Program, which includes the Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb Shake to assure optimum nutrient intake during weight loss. We have soups, juice drinks and protein bars, four flavors of each, to assist you in staying in the "low-carb zone." Please check our Product Brochure for other Thermojetics® High-Protein, Low-Carb products.

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Lose Weight - work at homeLose Weight -work at home Lose Weight - online home based business opportunity .