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A complete weight loss support program available in Audio /Video Page and in Literature Suport Page.

Hosted by our Medical Advisory Board Members
You've reached the final week of our eight-week Thermojetics® Success Program-congratulations! Whether you've lost five ...
Weekly Overview



Week 1: Getting Started

  • Expectation
  • Green vs. Gold
  • Questionnaire/discussion
  • Safety-health issues/How to weigh & Measure
  • Readiness to Change Questionnaire

Week 2: Seeing Results/Changing Habits

  • Dietary adjustments
  • Psychological adjustments-recognizing triggers
  • Healthy eating-food substitutions/healthy cooking
  • Shopping/Dining Out
  • Involving the Family

Week 3: Activity/Exercise

  • Building in activity every day
  • Combining aerobic & resistance training
  • Further discussion of weighing/measuring
  • Adding targeted weight loss products-making adjustments

Week 4: Life changing/Lifestyle changing

  • Managing stress
  • Psychological aspects of weight loss
    Adjusting to "the new you"
  • Sabotage
  • Self-esteem

Week 5: Herbalizing our Lives

  • Re-visit the questionnaire
  • Intro Lifestages/Lifestyles-Product Catalog
  • Adding Targeted Products for Optimum Health
  • Healthy Shopping

Week 6: Continuing the Process

Week 7: Herbalize Your Life

  • Gold-Glycemic index
  • Green & Gold-portion control
  • Re-iterate cooking, eating out, travel etc,
  • Intro HAP/Success Builder/etc

Week 8: Celebrating Success

Lose Weight - work at home
Lose Weight - work at homeLose Weight -work at home Lose Weight - online home based business opportunity .