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Code Name Price    
USSQP ShapeWorksTM Quickstart Program $81.51    
USSQPP ShapeWorksTM Quickstart Protein Plus Program $116.95    
USSAP ShapeWorksTM Advanced Program $127.78    
USSAPP ShapeWorksTM Advanced Protein Plus Program $163.21    
USSUP ShapeWorksTM Ultimate Program $166.73    
USSUPP ShapeWorksTM Ultimate Protein Plus Program $202.16    
USGRNQP Thermojetics Green QuickStart Program $73.01    
USGRNAP Thermojetics Green Advanced Program $116.85    
USGRNUP Thermojetics Green Ultimate Program $152.10    
USGLDQP Thermojetics Gold QuickStart Program $79.44    
USGLDAP Thermojetics Gold Advanced Program $120.78    
USGLDUP Thermojetics Gold Ultimate Program $157.41    
US3677 Thermojetics HPLC Gold Snack Pack $39.40    
USGVP Thermojetics HPLC Gold Variety Pack $29.64    
USTHDM Thermojetics HPLC Drink Mix $7.01    
USTHPB Protein Bar $14.21    
US0048 Roasted Soy Nuts with Cardia Salt $8.21    
US0073 Core Complex $63.71    
USTHSM1 Thermojetics HPLC Soup Mix $7.01    
USTHC Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate $20.97    
US0105 Thermojetics Original Herbal Concentrate $11.97    
USTOHC Thermojetics Original Herbal Concentrate $20.97    
USHKIBP HAP Kit - International Business Pack (IBP) $72.95    
USMHIBP Mini HAP Kit - Mini International Business Pack (IBP) $49.95    
USSWF1 ShapeWorks Formula 1 Shake Mix - 750g $25.88    
USFOR1 ShapeWorks Formula 1 Shake Mix - 550g $17.96    
USTHSM Protein Drink Mix (formerly HPLC Shake Mix) $20.96    
US0242 Thermojetics Performance Protein Powder $13.46    
US0194 ShapeWorks Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder $21.38    
USSWF2 ShapeWork Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex $14.96    
US0104 Cell Activator $15.38    
US0077 Total Control $24.71    
US0079 Snack Defense $17.63    
US0111 Cell-U-Loss $11.81    
US0103 Thermo-Bond $11.81    
US0112 Activated Fiber $9.45    
US0175 Active Fiber $14.99    
US0101 Herbalife Aminogen $9.30    
US3167 Garden 7 $52.46    
US0036 Niteworks $67.46    
US0065 Herbalifeline $19.31    
US0241 Cardio ToconOx $17.21    
US0147 MentaBalance $7.98    
US0212 Mega Garlic Plus $14.21    
US0017 21 Day Herbal Cleansing - AM/PM Program $19.50    
US0015 AM Replenishing Formula $8.63    
US0016 PM Cleansing Formula $10.88    
US0004 Herbal Aloe Drink - Gallon Size $30.15    
US0002 Herbal Aloe Drink - Quart Size $8.25    
US0006 Herbal Aloe Vera Concentrate $18.71    
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