Herbalife Weight Loss Products - online home based business opportunity Herbalife Independent Distributor.Weight Loss Products - online bussiness opportunity. Herbalife Independent Distributor.
Weight Loss Products. Weight Loss Products. Weight Loss Products. Weight Loss Products.
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Business Opportunity Become an Herbalife Independent Distributor - work from home.
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  Herbalife Weight Loss Products - 30 day money back guarantee!  
  Herbalife Silver Website - Features  
  Our herbalife distributors benefit from several special advantages that are not available to other distributors: To begin with, you are provided with complete set of online tools to support your customers to achieve their weight loss goals as well as tools to successfully build your online business. Your initial website comes with all the feature that you need to start your business right away. And also you will be provided with tools to add more content to the website.  
  Fees and Technical Details  
  Custom web address with your "unique distributor code"  
  One-time setup fee: $10.00  
  Monthly hosting fee: $9.95  
  Transaction fee: There is no any other transaction fee.  
  Ultimate power of Java and MySQL  
  E-Commerce Shopping Cart System.  
  Shared product catelog  
  Multiple countries  
  Receive order notification via email  
Online credit cards processing via PayPal.  
  Diferent shipping methods and rate calculation for each country  
  Product search feature  
  WeightDiery customer care and training tools.  
  Password protected user accounts  
  Multimedia training suite.  
  Website building and promotion tools  
  Website Editor  
  Health Directory - free links manager  
  Mailing List - Email Marketing Tools  
Email Marketing Campaigner  
  Email Editor  
  Build your own email lists and send an email simultaneously.  
  Three email addresses with unlimited email forwarding  
  Online E-commerce help.  
  E-commerce help site  

Fees and Technical Details.
Custom web address with your "unique distributor code"
    Your web address is composed of two parts, separated by a forward slash (/) . The part on the left is domain name, and the part on the right is your unique distributor code. Your web address will be www.preferredweight.com/distributorcode
    Distributor code

Distributor code is part of your web address. You may select any thing as your distributor code (provided no one has already taken it). It is recommended that you select a short, memorable, hard to misspell phrase as your distributor code.

One-time setup fee:
    This fee covers the costs of website creation and establishing your business .
Setup Fee: $10.00
Monthly hosting fee:

Billed monthly, website hosting fee covers the cost of hosting your storefront and products on our secure, reliable servers; using our powerful, award-winning, software platform. It also contributes to the costs of providing you with robust, personalized email service that can be accessed from anywhere.

Hosting Fee: $9.95

Transaction fee:
    There is no any other transaction fee.
Java and MySQL
    Java is a widely-used, high level computer language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. Java allows your website to connecting to a database, reading and writing files, etc. MySQL® is considered the most popular open source database in the world. Fast and powerful, it's perfect for high-traffic, heavy-load sites. Using Java to read and write to your MySQL database gives ultimate power to your site.
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E-Commerce Shopping Cart System
Shared Product Catelog
    All the websites whitch share the domain name will have same product catelog. Web administrator performs the produt updates.
Online credit cards processing.
    Your website accepts payment information from your customers and process payment in real time via PayPal payment gateway. The payment gateways allow your store to process credit card transactions.
    PayPal Instant Payment Notification.
    PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. For information about this payment gateway, visit http://www.paypal.com.
Receive order notification via email
    You will be notified when an order has been placed and confirm to your customer that the order is being processed via email
Different shipping methods and rate calculation for each country
    Shipping charges are based on oder value and handling fees.
Products Search.
    Visitors will love being able to quickly find what they need with this invaluable web tool. The product search service allows visitors to do a keyword search on your products and review all of the products descriptions containing that keyword.

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WeightDiery customer care and training tools.
Password protected WeightDiary accounts.
    Password protection allows you to control who can view your site or access various pages within it. For instance, there are special areas that you can access as a consultant/website administrator. In these areas you have all the tools to manage you online business, including order processing tools, customer care tools, and website promotion tools. There are several other special area that only your members , customers and downline distributers can access. You can change user types so that they have access to related areas in your website. You can track your customers' weight loss progress and send and receive personalized messages from them. You can use this information to get to know your customers' weight loss requirements and conditions and provide instructions and helps accordingly. Then you can create more-targeted marketing programs and offer them product that appeal to these customers.
Multimedia training suite.
    WeghtDiary also includes a state-of-the-art weight loss and business training suite with audio and videos.
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Website building and web promotion tools.
  You will get complete website to get started your online business right away. But you can always add more pages to selected sections of your site using Website Editor.
Website Editor
    The Website Editor is a easy-to-use website-building tool appropriate for those with limited experience creating web pages or for those who want to add web pages quickly. With the Website Editor, adding web pages is as easy as clicking through a web page and filling out online forms. Also, if you are familiar with HTML, you can learn to create customized pages in the Website Editor using HTML.
Health Directory - Free Links Manager
    Here is a great tool you can use to promote your website by reciprocating links with other websites! Swap links with sites you like or let your visitors add their own favorite websites to your categorized list of links.
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Mailing List - Email Marketing Tools.
  Would you like to advertise special sales to selected customers? Or, send newsletters to registered customers who opt-in?
Email Marketing Campaigner.
    Email Marketing Campaigner is a built-in tool that lets you create, personalize, send, and measure direct email marketing campaigns using its Campaigner service. You can create email campaigns using built-in Email Editor or from scratch using your own HTML. You can launch campaigns whenever you want. Campaigner also has comprehensive automated list management tools and the ability to personalize your communications for better results. You also get real-time reports about your campaign.
Email Editor.
    Keep your visitors up to date with your latest site changes or product news! Send HTML messages and manage your list subscribers in our easy to use Email Marketing control panel. Use Email Editor to create your email templates (as many as you need), compose your content, and send to single recipient or to a list.
Build your own email lists.
    When customers make purchases at your online store or become a member of WeightDiary, they have the option to enter an email address where they'll receive correspondence related to their order and special offers from your company. Your website automatically maintains this as a secure emailing list for your store, which you can later use to send out direct email marketing programs or your own email newsletter. Email Marketing Campaigner will send your Email to every Email address in your mailing list.
Three email addresses with unlimited email forwarding.
    When you sign up for hosting plan, you'll receive three email accounts (yourname@preferredweight.com, yourusername@preferredweight.com, yourdistributorcode@preferredweight.com) with unlimited email forwarding.
    Email forwarding
    Email forwarding allows you to forward email received at your website mail account to any other email account that you specify. This allows you to receive your email from multiple accounts in the same inbox.
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Online E-commerce help
  If you need help with your online business, you can access comprehensive online help resources, tutorials, and e-commerce marketing guides that explain all aspects of the e-commerce.
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Lose Weight - work at home
Lose Weight - work at homeLose Weight -work at home Lose Weight - online home based business opportunity .