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Business Success Stories

"On average, we earn approximately $20,000 plus a month."

It doesn't take long to understand why Glenn W. is on the President's Team. His energetic personality, unwavering commitment to success and winning leadership skills are truly infectious. And the growing number of Distributors that join his group each month would undoubtedly agree.

"I was a bartender with a limited financial future."

"In 1991 that all changed. President's Team member and friend, Dan Waldron, encouraged Glenn to become an independent Distributor. "I took one look at Dan's success and thought, 'If he can do it, I can do it, too,'" he explains. "For the first five years I worked my business in Europe. I came back to the United States in 1996 and started going to Herbalife training events. I met Monica at a meeting in Chicago, Illinois, and we ‘clicked' right way. It wasn't long after that we put together an action plan to get us to the next level."

"We went from Millionaire Team to President's Team in 12 months."

"We kept doing what we were doing-but on a massive scale," says Glenn. "One thing we focused on was building loyalty in our group. I spend a lot of time developing my organization because I believe if you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want."

"On average, we earn approximately $20,000 plus a month."

"Just a couple of months ago I bought my first home," remarks Glenn. "It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three offices, an in-home movie theater and a pool. I also purchased a year-2000 BMW, which is the first brand-new car I have ever owned!

"But what's really important is how I have changed because of Herbalife," he says. "I have learned how to become a better person and more valuable to others. I look forward to getting better every day, helping others in my group reach their goals and qualifying for the Chairman's Club by the end of next year."*


*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.

Lose Weight - work at home
Lose Weight - work at homeLose Weight -work at home Lose Weight - online home based business opportunity .