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In 1980, I saw a newspaper ad that asked, ‘Are you making what you're worth?' My life was never the same again," recalls Dennis D., President's Team. "I still remember the first tiny Herbalife office in Beverly Hills, California, where we actually helped unload the trucks delivering products to the company warehouse.

"When I brought home my Distributor Kit," Dennis remembers, "I didn't talk to anyone, but my roommate asked me about the products on the kitchen table. I told him he could try them if he 'put the cash on the table!' The next thing I know, his girlfriend, her roommate, his girlfriend's friend and her parents were all buying Herbalife from me!" "Everyone got great results using the products, and word of mouth took over. I was off and rolling before I really knew what I was doing."

"People asked me questions that I didn't know the answers to," says Dennis. "So I just told them the truth. I said something like ‘I don't know, but I got results (lost 23 pounds), my friends got results, and if you want results, just try it!' I never had to sell it, I just told the stories and pointed to the solution."

"It's a myth to think you had to be here in the beginning to succeed." "Our credibility, training and marketing tools make it easier for new Distributors to succeed today than it was when I started," Dennis assures. "I love telling the story of a 21-year-old man who quickly jumped his income up to $15,000 a month. If you think about it, he was only three years old when I began in 1980. My greatest satisfaction is giving others an opportunity to succeed.

"Sure, the money is great, but, for me it's more about the people and the impact Herbalife can have in their lives!"*

Learn how others have changed their lives with Herbalife!
Featured Business Success Stories: 19

  • Deborah and Hugh A.
    Deborah earns over $10,000 a month, and she's aiming for President's Team.*

  • Ellie F.
    "We live in a beautiful 4,000-square-foot home with an indoor swimming pool-along with a lifestyle we always dreamed about!"*

  • Emily C.
    "Herbalife is my 'American dream' come true."*

  • Jason F.
    Today, at age 22, Jason averages $18,000 a month!*

  • Javier and Coral M.
    "Today, we can afford to send our children to private school and take them with us on incredible vacations!"*

  • John and Rox Anna C.
    "Now we can take vacations whenever we want and stay in the most luxurious hotels."*

  • Julie and David B.
    "We just bought a new mini-van in cash, and that's something we could have never of done before Herbalife."*

  • Laura B.
    Laura currently earns $10,000 a month and has the freedom she's always wanted.*

  • Maggie S.
    After Maggie developed her first 90-day plan, business really took off and she was able to quit her job last May.*

  • Mandy and Bob E.
    "We can afford to spend more time with our two boys and take vacations when we want to!"*

  • Michelle and Michael B.
    "Today, we can afford to send our children to private school and take them with us on incredible vacations!"*

  • Monica and Glenn W.
    "On average, we earn approximately $20,000 plus a month."*

  • Muggie and Ted F.
    "I knew I didn't want to rely on someone else for our livelihood. I wanted a business I could run myself, with low overhead and good products."*

  • Nancy and Frank W.
    "Distributors can climb to the top of Herbalife so fast. It's still like a ground-floor opportunity!"*

  • Naoma and Cliff C.
    "We've had incredible results from Herbalife in every way."*

  • Pam and Sam H.
    "Herbalife not only gave us back our life, but it's giving us the future we always dreamed about."*

  • Stephanie and Frank M.
    "When I started doubling my husband's income - working only a few hours a day at home - he noticed!"*

  • Tami and Keith P.
    "In the first 12 months I earned $80,000 - working at home and being around my two children the whole time!"*

  • Terry W.
    For Terry, Herbalife is "like a dream come true."*



*The income testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical.

Lose Weight - work at home
Lose Weight - work at homeLose Weight -work at home Lose Weight - online home based business opportunity .